Scale Exclusive Circle

Scale Exclusive Circle

You have been trying to get that business off the ground for a while now, you are putting in your best but somehow you seem to be stuck. Sometimes it is a lack of motivation. Things are just too hard. 

It also gets lonely so you wish you could just hit up some friends to let them know what is going on. But you are also tired of being the one complaining about entrepreneurship ALL the time!

Growing your business, side hustle or even career is tough. We get it, so we built the Scale Exclusive Circle for you.

If you are reading this, it is because you are where you are supposed to be right now.

We would like to introduce you to the Scale Exclusive Circle!

Getting a subscription also gives you access to our Virtual Knowledge Hub which contains courses on how to scale your business or career hustle. See our curriculum HERE

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The Scale Exclusive Circle is a community of ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals in Africa and in the Diaspora  who are helping each other navigate all the same issues you are facing right now.

It is a community filled with people in different countries all over the world coming together to make the journey easier for you. Can you believe that? We almost cannot believe how strong this community has grown in substance which is why we are telling you about it.

We have over 25 countries and counting represented in the community!

Asides this great community of people you can network with and learn from, community members have exclusive access to discounts and freebies from our partners. In the past we have given discount vouchers on co-working spaces and discounts on processing fees.

Community members also save on workshops by having FREE and discounted access to ALL of our live workshops, webinars, book club and expert sessions.

Our sessions are taught by incredibly talented and experienced facilitators on areas such as marketing and sales, fundraising, customer service, personal finance, product management and so on.

What we are most proud about and what our community members love the most about SEC is the encouragement and support that the group provides them as they build the businesses and careers they love.

Community members help each other brainstorm on issues and reach practical solutions to problems that they face in their businesses. Every week we have an Open Mic night where community members crowdsource solutions to each other’s problems.

We also have an Accountability Partner program to keep you on your toes and constantly motivated and inspired to put in smart work!

After joining our community, we guarantee you that your business and career will continue on the upwards trajectory.

This community was built for you so we look forward to welcoming you. Don’t hold yourself back.

Below, we have several membership options. Feel free to pick the one that most speaks to you!

Member Testimonials

Finally decided to subscribe to Scale Exclusive and it has been very rewarding.Thanks @Mochievous and the entire @scalemyhustle team for all you do.I look forward to today's Webinar session on Marketing and all other webinar sessions scheduled for the future.
The @scalemyhustle inner ⭕️ is a place to be. From peer contribution and review, to insightful share and perspectives on articles, to the specially curated webinars to meet needs. Or is it the push to be better by getting assignments done. It’s worth everything and more 👌🏾💫👏🏾💖
"The Scale Exclusive Community (SEC) is one of the rarest things in the world - it is simultaneously a place where experts and industry leaders abound and a place where everyone is humble enough to learn from one other without ego. To ensure that you constantly grow and evolve as an entrepreneur, the Scale My Hustle team provides resources to stretch your conception of what is possible, including webinars ,courses and books. But that’s not the best part. What really makes the SEC a must-join is the community that Scale My Hustle has carefully built and curated. The group is incredibly welcoming and friendly, and are always ready to uplift, support and share knowledge on all issues, business-related or otherwise. It’s the one place I go when I’m stumped, need a boost, or just can’t figure out a challenge, because I know the Scale fam has got me
Are you a business owner ? Do you intend to start a business? You don't have to play a guess game with your business especially if you are just starting out. Make one smart investment today🎯 Join @scalemyhustle community.

aam- AUGUST 26, 2019
What differentiates the Scale Exclusive Circle from other digital communities is the level of support from other members. I don’t just mean people who cheer you on and have your back. I’ve rarely seen this level of resource sharing within a community. I consider myself top of my field, knowledgeable, and always learning, and I’m learning new things from the Scale Exclusive Circle all the time
Scale My Hustle and specifically the Scale Exclusive Circle has been a tremendous eye opener for me. Firstly, it’s great to be part of a community where you can be vulnerable with your lack of knowledge and simultaneously, helpful with knowledge you have to others that don’t. The group members are always in your corner and encouraging, no matter how small the steps you take.
Since joining Scale Exclusive Circle, I have been able to find a support system that provides me with resources and leverage opportunities that I have used to grow my business