Scale My Hustle Curriculum


We are constantly updating our curriculum with courses and materials that cover the topics below for business owners and career professionals.


Business idea Stage 

Fine-tuning your idea 

Presenting your idea 

Protecting your idea 

Figuring out your target market 

Testing your idea

Basics of Branding

Developing a product that stands out

Pricing – Getting the correct price that equates the value of the service/product


Business product Stage 

Automation of business processes 

Creating Standard Operating Procedures for your business 

Marketing 101 – including digital marketing and content marketing 

Hiring and Human Resources Management 

Tracking metrics – Figuring out key metrics and OMTRTA

Creating a Sales Funnel


How to use a CRM


Business Growth Stage

Raising Capital From Investors 

Equity/ Debt Financing 

International Expansion 

Corporate Governance (Setting up a Board of Directors etc) 

Collaboration as a growth mechanism 


Business Finance 

How to keep your books of account 

The key numbers every entrepreneur should know 

Business Budgeting 

Cashflow – Types, how to manage 

How to read a financial statement

Types of taxes you should be aware of 


For 9-5ers and Professionals

Excel Training

LinkedIn optimization

How to be a leader at work

Personal Finance and basics of Investing

Time management and scheduling

How to grow a side hustle

Switching industries 

Starting a consulting practice.