Your main competition is you.

It is a lot easier to thrive to be better than your last best as the world rewards innovation. One thing you will notice is how people mostly compare the Black is King visual album to Beyonce’s Lemonade. Yep! She set the bar for herself and is consistently beating it.

Beyonce Lemonade

Acknowledge everyone’s effort.

It takes a village to make a project come alive and if there’s one thing Beyonce is good at, it is acknowledging and appreciating everyone who made her idea come alive. By giving credits without holding back, you extend your audience without trying too hard. 

Own a narrative and tell that story.

Most of Beyonce’s recent albums tell a story. People connect to stories and you will notice that in Black is King every visual, performance or even outfit told a story. What narrative are you telling people whenever they come across your brand? 

Talk Triggers and curiosity are Important!

 We can all agree that Beyonce’s PR team is lit!!!! From the moment the #BlackisKing trailer dropped, people started falling over themselves to talk about what they think the visuals would look like. This built up anticipation, excitement, and curiosity about the album. In launching a new product or service, building up to the launch is a proven way to increase excitement and patronage. 

No matter how small a project is, bring on your A-game, Always.

Exceptional work ethics would yield exceptional results and Beyonce’s work ethic is goalsssssssss! Imagine practicing 7 months for one performance. Never be caught unfresh, always bring your A-Game to the mix. We stan a Queen. 

Black Is King


One thing that made the gift album and the #BlackisKing visuals exceptional was the inclusion of so many other people. Beyonce even collaborated with a lot of lesser-known creatives and by doing so she extended her platform to other people from all around the world. This move alone brought the album a lot of goodwill. You can easily connect with more people through the people they already know and trust. This time, she connected with Africans using African artists that we already know and trust. 

Black Is King

Be audacious

 This album had big goals. Beyonce had previously talked about how she poured herself into the album. Do not be afraid to set big goals for yourself. All you need to do is channel your inner Beyonce!

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