Creating and Marketing Your First Digital Product

Creating and Marketing Your First Digital Product

Creating a digital product while rewarding can be a frustrating experience especially when you aren’t sure where to start. We have created and sold digital products for years and have now created this ebook to help you on that journey.
This is the most informative resource out there to get you started and we wish you best of luck while at it! Check out the table of contents below to see what this ebook covers. This is a “no BS approach” to understanding creating and marketing digital products as a newbie. 
By purchasing this ebook, you also have access to capacity building sessions by ScaleMyHustle on marketing digital products – because let’s face it, if you’ve done all the work to create an amazing product that no one buys, it could be heartbreaking. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you with practical and repeatable steps! 

What's inside?

PART ONE: Creating

Chapter 1: Why Create a Digital Product?

Chapter 2: What Can I Create?

Chapter 3: Paid Memberships

Chapter 4: Paid Subscriptions

Chapter 5: Software

Chapter 6: Podcasts

Chapter 7: Newsletters

Chapter 8: Creating Online Courses

Chapter 9: How to Test the Market for Your Online Course

Chapter 10: Creating Consulting Packages

PART TWO: Marketing

Chapter 12:What if I Have No Audience? 

Chapter 13: Creating Effective Lead Magnets 

Chapter 14: Creating a Sales Funnel for Your Digital Products 

Chapter 15: Word of Mouth and Customer Generated Content 

Chapter 16: Creating a Market, Knowing Your Target Audience, and Social Listening 

Chapter 17: Affiliate Marketing, Selling Through Communities and Guest Posting Strategies 

Chapter 18: SEO – YouTube, Google, Quora, Pinterest 

Chapter 19: Turning Your Digital Product Evergreen 

Chapter 20: Tools that Make it all Easier 

Bonus Chapter: Legal Protection of Your Digital Product

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